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60 children died in the last five days in a government hospital in Uttar Pradesh


60 children died in the last five days in a government hospital in Uttar Pradesh. Police and hospitals gave the information. Chief Minister Aditya Yogi's center died in Baba Raghav Medical College of Gorakhpur district. There are 17 newborns among these unfortunate children.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday ordered a meeting with the hospital authorities, his two ministers Siddharthnath Singh and Ashutosh Tandon. Then call a journalist meeting, Health Minister Siddarthnath Singh In the absence of lack of oxygen cylinder, he said that he would not have died. Said, "There was a detailed discussion with the hospital authorities. Chief Minister himself visited the hospital on 9th July and 9th August. He should have raised issues related to supply of oxygen to him. It did not. No child died due to deficiency of oxygen. "The state's medical education minister Ashutosh Tandon said," The head of Baba Raghbudas Medical College is being suspended for the sake of work. A high-level inquiry committee headed by the principal secretary was formed. Action will be taken after receiving their report. The principal of Basipal will remain suspended till then. "Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted as he looked at the situation in Gorakhpur, said his office tweeted his office. It has been said, 'The Prime Minister is keeping an eye on the situation in Gorakhpur. Contacted with the state administration. In Uttar Pradesh, State Minister for Health, Inspiria Patel and the Central Health Secretary are supervising the situation.
In the last five days, 63 children died in Baba Raghbudas Medical College, suffering from mosquito-encephalitis. According to information received from the hospital, 23 people died on Thursday. Among them, the number of children born to Primacchi was 14. Chief Minister Jogi Adityanath went to the hospital on Wednesday. 9 people died on that day. So on Monday. On Tuesday and Friday, 12 and 7 children were killed respectively. On Thursday, a few staff members of the hospital sent a letter to the Chief Minister saying there was a shortage of supply of oxygen cylinders in the hospital. However, Gorakhpur district magistrate Rajiv Ruotela claimed that no child died due to lack of oxygen. His claim was that the supply from oxygen suppliers was issued from a few other organizations. Many children have died due to infection. However, the state administration has acknowledged the allegations of defamation. Siddharthnath Singh has said that the culprits will not be reprimanded. The opponents, however, demanded his resignation. Congress went to visit Raghbadas Medical College on Saturday and others including Gulam Nabi Azad of Congress. They are responsible for the whole incident. Bahujan Samaj Party leader Maaybati also raised the same complaint. He said, "I strongly condemn the State BJP government for this tragic incident." He has also formed a three-member investigating team to investigate the situation in the hospital, he said.

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