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BJP is hotly surrounded by the Jail movement in Chinsura

BJP-র জেল ভরো আন্দোলন ঘিরে উত্তপ্ত হল চুঁচুড়া। আজ সকালে চুঁচুড়া স্টেশন থেকে ঘড়ির মোড় হয়ে কমিশনার অফিস পর্যন্ত মিছিল করে আসে BJP-র নেতা-কর্মীরা। ঘড়ির মোড়ে পুলিশ বাধা দেওয়ার চেষ্টা করলেও তাদের ঠেলে ফেলে দেয় তারা। BJP কর্মীদের আটকাতে এরপর বার লাইব্রেরির সামনে দ্বিতীয় ব্যারিকেড করে পুলিশ।  

 BJP is hotly surrounded by the Jail movement in Chinsura . This morning, the clash broke out from Chinsura station and the procession started till the commissioner's office. The police tried to obstruct the watch, but they pushed them down. To stop the BJP workers, the police barricaded the bar in front of the bar library.But, breaking the barricade, pushing the police forward, BJP workers went ahead and forward. At that time the police also got stabbed. Police then stopped the procession in front of Chandanagor Police Commissioner's gate in front of the third barricade. The workers, who were sitting on the road, were sitting on the ramp at the procession.Along with Joy Banerjee and Sainathan Basu, around 4,000 leaders and activists of the party, along with Hughli district president Bhaskar Bhattacharya, were present at the procession.Bhaskar Bhattacharya said, "Our staff is  from Arambagh to Pandua everywhere. With the administration, TMC activists are climbing on them. The teacher beat a teacher in Singur. But the teacher was imprisoned. But there is no trial of the chief. People brought the grassroots by removing a wandering mountain like the CPI (M). But there was no solution. But keep in mind Mamata Banerjee, get her reply in the 2018 panchayat elections. Police today dispersed at the grassroots instigation till our peaceful rally. "Joy Banerjee said, "Trinamool has become so scared that now it is the politics of terrorism. A few days ago, 75 percent of the municipal elections were terrorism. The situation in which it is contesting from Trinamool jail and from the BJP hospital. But, this can not continue. One day the demolition of patience will not be able to cope with the TMC. "

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