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BJP leader Jay challenged CM Mamata to give up the vote of gunmen

Bengal BJP leader Jay Bandyopadhya challenged the Chief Minister Mamata Bandyopadhya to give up the vote of gunmen. On Sunday evening, a message from Purbasthwali attacked the Trinamool and conveyed the message to Joy.

The allegations of the rigging and booths were taken in all the Haldia municipalities and voters demanded to vote again. BJP and Congress have stepped down from voting in the name of voting in the name of accusation. WB Minister Subhendu Adhikari demanded, for fear of losing the Opposition these claims,

some anti booth agents were driven out of the house sometimes threatened and vandalized. Nalhati municipality rigin TMC complained independent candidate . Complaints, nearly 250 attacks in the external booths Vandalized, beat up A few journalists' cameras were broken when they took pictures. Laptops are broken.

Durgapur Municipal elections in the city in several areas of the ruling party against the bombings and shooting charges, the bombs 3 ordinary voters were seriously injured their Durgapur subdivision taken to hospital .

Youth CPM leader Rajya Sabha MP Ritabrata Bandopadhyay said in the voting that the Durgapur elections had to happen. Speaking to the ruling party and the police, he said that he was in the hands of the election observer.

BJP leader Jay Bandyopadhyay also said that the Trinamool has reduced the number of guns in the seven municipal elections to witness the victory after losing the election in the state and vice-presidential elections. The BJP wanted to know whether the votes were democratic or not, BJP leader Jay Bandyopadhyay asked. The victory demanded that Trinamool voted with the same gun bomb as the CPM voted so long. If you have the courage to vote in the democratic system. Because the BJP does not have a gunfight like a bomb gun gang.

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