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BJP will have 50 years of power: Amit Shah

BJP is in power for 50 years, not five or ten years BJP President Amit Shah sent this message to the party workers. Besides, he also sent a message to increase the party organization across the country.

Amit Shah said, "Currently our government is majority in the center. There are 330 parliamentarians and 1,387 legislators. But more will have to advance. We did not come to power for 5 or 10 years. We will go ahead with the goal of being in government for 40 to 50 years. With the power, I will bring big change in the country. "
Amit Shah went to Madhya Pradesh on a three-day visit to Madhya Pradesh yesterday. Yesterday joined the group's core group meeting here. There reminded the party workers that due to hard work and self-sacrifice of the workers over the years, the party is on the verge of elevation today. In his words, 10 to 12 million members of the party today. The lifelong work and self-sacrifice of the famous people has reached the peak of this success.

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