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Hospital under water, Indo-Bangla border devastated

Extreme deterioration in the flood situation of Malda. Hospital under water, International border devastated.

Extreme deterioration in the flood situation of Malda. Hospital has sank in water and border outpost vandalised.
Waters engulfed the National highway 34 due to which road connectivity of North Bengal with South Bengal has been disrupted. Till now around 10 lac people of the district are in danger and 900 villages of 14 blocks are under water. A total of 25 blocks of the English Bazar and Old Malda Municipality are under water. Everyday new areas are getting flooded.

The increase in water levels have had their devastating effect mostly on the BSF outposts of the Indo-Bangladesh border of Malda.  In the district the water levels of Mahananda, Ganges Dhangon and Punabhasha are rising continuously in an alarming scale and because of this 6 BOP of the Indo- Bangladesh border are under water in Khutadoho, Pannapur, Jogjibonpur, Tikiapara, Kedarpara and Agraharishchandrapur.
Due to the increase in water level the headquarters of 6 number battalion of the BSF is also under water in Narayanpur of Malda. The barbed wire of the border is also under the water. As a result chances of intrusion are making up. In such a situation the BSF at times by speed boat, boat and at times by standing half submerged in water are carrying on the work of securing the border. At night the problems are seen at its wits end. The way in which the deterioration of the flood situation in Malda has taken place, there is no two ways about what problems will be seen in the security of the border if the water does not reduce within a couple of days.

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