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How big and powerful is the RSS? How much control do they have over politics, state and national affairs?

The Power of RSS or Sangh Parivar is beyond our Imagination.
Before Explaining how Powerful is RSS in India, Recap some of the Facts.
Approximately, 5 million active members are there in RSS and nearly 50000 Shakhas are Present all over the country.
There are more than 100 affiliate bodies, the RSS is a humongous force in Indian Politics.

They run nearly 30,000 Ekal Vidyalayas (schools) in tribal areas for students who can’t afford so called ‘Good Schools’.
Sarfaraz Hussain, a student from one of the RSS School, topped Assam High School examinations.
He is from Sankardev Sishu Niketan School run by RSS at Betkuchi. His Family is Financially Very Weak.

RSS is not Anti Muslim but Pro Hindu
A Muslim Organization called as “Muslim Rashtriya Manch” , affiliated to RSS, has helped many Muslim families.

They have been contributing immensely even before Independence.
Even today, They Participated and helped Indians in different Disasters e.g. in Tamil Nadu Tsunami, the Gujarat earthquake, Uttarakhand floods, Bhopal gas tragedy etc.

Now, How Powerful is the RSS ?
India’s Top three Constitutional Posts viz a viz President, Vice-President(in the coming future) and PM – all are proud members of RSS.
BJP is a RSS Affiliated Body and 70% of Top BJP Members are from RSS.
There are Regular Meetings between RSS and NDA on many issues and Functioning of Government.

Here is an Example, In Goa NDA lost Election due to internal conflict with RSS.
If Narendra Modi is the Face of NDA, RSS is its Root.
Only due to Ground Work of RSS members, NDA is winning state after state.
NDA is Ruling on more than 60% Population of India, and hence RSS.

Some of the Key Members in Indian Politics from RSS are:
President Ram Nath Kovind
Atal Bihari Vajpayee
L K Advani
Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Venkaiah Naidu( Vice President)
Sumitra Mahajan(Speaker of Loksabha)
Eknath Ranade.
Manohar Parrikar.
Nitin Gadkari.
Rajnath Singh.
Murli Manohar Joshi.
Shiv Raj Singh Chowhan
Vijay Rupani
Devendra Fadanavis
and the count continues.
World’s largest NGO has changed the face of Indian democracy

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