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I like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, But not Amit Shah said CM Mamata Banerjee

"I like Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But not Amit Shah. I do not want to blame the Prime Minister. His team should look at the matter. "Even though it was astonishing, he came to an electronic press conference yesterday and said that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee

Election of the last Lok Sabha or Assembly. Or till the GST was introduced from the decision to cancel the note, Mamata Bandyopadhyay has come under severe criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi all these days. Haridas heard from his mouth that he was about to turn his ropes around his waist. However, yesterday the government of the dictatorship alleged that the environment was created, but he did not want to take over its responsibility on Narendra Modi. Rather, his target was BJP's All India President Amit Shah. She also alleged that the All-India President was acting in unauthorized manner by nagging in public affairs.

Recalling Atal Bihari Vajpayee, he said, "Although Vajpayeeji was a BJP man, he was a neutral and equitable person. So when we worked under him, there was no problem. But, why is the problem today? For this, I do not want to blame the Prime Minister. But why do they think that his team should be seeing the problems that they are creating for all. "

Referring to Amit Shah's presence in a government meeting called by a central minister, she said, "How can a political party go to a government meeting called by the minister? Prime Minister Modi nor Shah? Today, the fear of terrorism has created the atmosphere of the country?

While speaking well about Narendra Modi, he did not give any indication of BJP withdrawing from opposition. Rather said, "The opposition will unite and change in 2019. There are no fronts yet, but the picture will be cleared within the next six months. "

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