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Increase the intensity of adolescent happiness


The young couple, young and old, forget about spending their time in the carrier's run. The joy of their marital life has become increasingly flawed due to work-related problems. In the absence of energy due to the absence of time, refrain from the primitive happiness of life. Like many doctors, the reason for not stressing extra work and eating them properly is because of them. Dietitians are advised to increase the strength of youth, including dates, Khormum, honey, milk, garlic, saffron, tall pepper, strawberry and banana. Know them well❏ dates1) Khorama and date palm specially have special relation with sexual energy. On the other side of the country, the move to present the Khorama-pajav gift to the new couple is still on the wedding.2) There is no better second than date palm for paternity.3) The energy of energy and body increases during the playing of dates.❏ honey1) Playing honey helps the brain gain strength.2) The natural energy of the body is created.3) Suture power is increasing.Milk1) Improve the dryness of the body by increasing the milk force.2) Milk is fast digested. Helps in the formation of semen in male body.3) Bring people to human body.4) Exposes unnecessary pollutants in the body and strengthens the brain.❏ garlic1) Creates sexual power among dull people.2) Helps in creating semen.3) Stomach, avamma benefit the disease.❏ Saucer and tall pepper1) Jafran has no pair of mind-brain and vision.2) Extremely generous capacities3) Older muscular muscles help the patient.❏ banana1) The banana contains plenty of magnesium, vitamins, minerals, which increase energy by keeping the body level of the body. Put 1 banana per day in the morning and it will give you energy in the day to day work.2) There is a lot of potassium in the banana which provides oxygen to the brain. It helps keep the amount of water in the body right.
❏ strawberries1) Excellent source of strawberry folic acid and Vitamin 'B'. Reduces infertility by increasing women's fertility and enhancing sexual ability of men.2) Helps greatly increase the male sperm growth.

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