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Modi will not seen any where if we all fight together said Rahul

A combative Rahul Gandhi today hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of lying in his speeches, and called for a united Opposition to take on the BJP.

"Jahan bhi jaate hain, kuch na khuch jhooth Modi ji bol jaate hain. Agar hum mil ke lad gaye, ye dikhai nahi denge (He lies wherever he goes and speaks. If we fight together, he will not be seen anywhere)," Rahul said, apparently referring to Modi's Independence Day speech, which has been challenged for its many claims.

The Congress vice-president was speaking at Sanjhi Virasat Bachao Sammelan (Save the Shared Heritage Summit) called by Sharad Yadav, a show of strength by the rebel Janata Dal (United) leader after he opposed Nitish Kumar's recent alliance with the BJP in Bihar.

"Modi says Make in India. But you look around and everything is made in China. The fact is Modi's Make in India has failed. They have failed to provide jobs," Rahul said, adding that even the Swachh Bharat campaign has not been a success.

Referring to the stone pelting attack on his convoy in Gujarat, Gandhi said: "When the stones were thrown at my cavalcade and black flags were shown by BJP workers, I stopped there to speak with them. But soon after I got off my vehicle and went towards them, they ran away. And this is their quality."

Gandhi said the BJP had promised to create two crore jobs every year and give Rs 15 lakh to every household if it came to power but failed on these counts.


Rahul also picked on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the ideological mentor of Modi and his BJP, and accused the right-wing organisation of hypocrisy when it came to patriotism or respecting the national flag.

"These people did not salute the national flag till the time they came to power. That is their character," he said. "The RSS says that the country is mine. We say we belong to the country. That's the difference between RSS and us."

"Till independence, the RSS was not ready to hoist the national flag. See what is the difference between their thought and our thought. Since they come to power in 2014, they have started telling the people that this is their country. First, they told the minorities that this is not their country, then through the Una incident, they told the same thing to Dalits of this country," he said.

Gandhi said that the RSS' most prominent leader during the independence movement wrote to the Britishers offering apologisies in return for freedom from prison.

"They pleaded for their freedom. None of the Congress leaders or leaders of the other parties except the RSS pleaded with the Britishers," he said.


Rahul also accused the BJP and the RSS of trying to change the Constitution, and urged all opposition parties to fight them unitedly.

"After independence, (Jawaharlal) Nehruji, (Sardar Vallabhbhai) Patelji, (BR) Ambedkarji all talked about one man, one vote system. They know well that till the time there is one man, one vote system in the country, till that time the country doesn't belong to them," he said.

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