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Malada flood situation further deteriorated

Malada flood situation further deteriorated. Though the water of Phulhar river is slightly reduced, the Mahananda Ganges Tangan Purnivabha River is rising. Havibpur flooded the entire area of ​​Bamangolla. BSF's 6 BOPs have been sinking at India's border with Bangladesh. These are Khutadah, Pannapur, Jijappur, Tikia Para Kedaripara and Agra Harishchandrapur. He has gone downstairs to the border of the international border. As a result, the border has been effectively opened. There are intentions of intrusion. In this situation, the speedboat has been reduced to one-book water and BSF Javaners have to give border crossing. The most problem occurred during the night. The way water is rising in the night. There is a tremendous potential for flooding the vast area.
After the Supreme Court verdict, state ministers should apologize

After the Supreme Court verdict, state ministers should apologize. On the issue of three divorces, the ministers of the state directly went on the streets against the central government. Looking at the voting bank, Trinamool leaders spoke on behalf of three divorces, BJP spokesman LK Chatterjee said. After the court's verdict on Tuesday, he demanded to publicly accept his mistake. The Supreme Court verdict with three divorces, tells history, he said. Besides, a section of Muslim women thanked the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

After the verdict of the highest court of the country, a part of the Muslim women in relief. The central government will enact laws within the next six months. After that, Muslim women will be relieved of three divorces, said BJP state president Dilip Ghosh. Dilip Ghosh said that the state ministers lost an issue of politics on the issue of three divorces. At least this time, on the issue of three divorce issues, Mamata Chak has been given to Muslim women of the state.
After the verdict of the highest court of the country, the new Oxygen state of BJP BJP, women's morcha LK Chatterjee, the chairperson of the Women's Front, was delighted with the Muslim members of the party in the state BJP office.

The world's longest-lived monk Acharya Ramendra Sunder Trivedi's 154th birthday is celebrated in different places of Kandi.
The celebrated Manishak Acharya Ramendra Sunder Trivedi's 154th birthday was celebrated on Tuesday in the Kandi of Murshidabad district. There are different ways from morning to morning. There are cultural programs in various schools. On behalf of Kandi Pourashava and Kandi Red Cross Society, Acharya Ramendra is praised by the beautiful Trivedi in Murtiti. However, many mournful that Ramendra Sunder Trivedi's birthday celebrations have been falling apart day by day. He should be more aware of the common man from the general public. Many of his contribution to this Bengali is still unknown. Rabindranath Tagore about the ramendra beautiful Trivedi said: "Your heart is beautiful, your words are beautiful, your smile beautiful, O ramendra beautiful," the world renowned scholar Acharya Trivedi mahasayake ramendra beautiful bunch of people have forgotten.

The Northbrook Jute Mills of Bhadreswar Champdan stopped

After resigning from labor dissatisfaction, the Northbrook Jute Mills of Bhadreswar Champdani stopped. This morning workers came to work and noticed the suspension of work notice on the gate of the mill. With the closure of the factory, around five thousand workers became unemployed in Puja's mouth. In order to avoid any unpleasant situation, lots of police have been deployed outside the mill. The introduction of the incident is about getting a worker from the sewing department of the mill. Which was increasingly increasing among other workers. Workers closed their work on the night shift and protested. To avoid the tragedy, the Mill authorities suspended the suspension of work at the Mill's Gate this morning. In the morning, the workers stopped bursting with anger after seeing the stoppage of the work. They complained that the mill authorities took false claims of wrongful work from the workers' jobs. The match is closed when you protest. It is not possible to accept this immoral act in any way. Excessive work of workers was done by showing excuses for production. Additional money is not paid, the manager Harkrishna Maheshwari was beaten to death in 2014 due to labor unrest. About three months is closed. After the tripartite meeting, the problem was solved.Today, the decision was made to stop the match at the same time. Police are deployed. According to sources, a call has been called for a tripartite meeting at the deputy labor commission's office in Chandannagar.

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