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Pakistan has given citizenship to 298 Indian immigrants in the last five years

Pakistan has given citizenship to 298 Indian immigrants in the last five years Said the interior ministry of the country. The session was going on Saturday in the National Assembly. At that time the issue of citizenship of Indian immigrants became. In the last five years, how many government citizens have given citizenship to the government, the ruling party's 'Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz', Sheikh Ruhail Asghar's departure In response to their detailed calculation, their internal ministry ministry.

The statement said that 298 Indian immigrants were granted Pakistani citizenship from April 2012 to April 017. In 2012, 48 Indian immigrants were given Pakistani citizenship. It increased to 75 in 2013. In 2014, 76 people were given citizenship. The number decreases significantly in 2015. Only 15 people were given citizenship in the year. 69 Indian immigrants have received Pakistani citizenship in 2016 15 people have been given citizenship till April 14 this year. Pakistan always irritates in giving citizenship to Islamabad But Pakistan government claims that countless immigrants from India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar are living illegally. Last year, the issue of giving Pakistani citizenship to an Indian woman came in front of legal tension. The woman who married a Pakistani girl several years ago But after the husband's death, honest sons deprive him of his property. In 2008, he went to Islamabad seeking citizenship of Pakistan. The government of Bangladesh granted him citizenship in March last year, according to the order of the country's external affairs minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.

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