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Pakistan will not fight for America, hard message Imran

America has fought  'friend' Pakistan against Soviet war in Afghanistan. It is about Afghanistan-Islamabad that has ripped through Afghanistan, President Donald Trump warns Pakistan to leave terrorism in US Under such circumstances, the explosive remarks against the US have prompted the former cricketer and leader of the country Imran Khan.

'Pakistan will not fight for America.' On Tuesday, Pakistan's main opposition, Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf, Imran Khan, said: Nawaz Sharif lost the mattress in the Panama scam Imran's popularity since then. There is a chance to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan in front of him. So his statement is very important. Pakistan will step away from 'America's fight against terrorism' if Imran's party comes to power Thinks of experts like this On this day, Imran has blamed America's "wrong policies" for the situation in Afghanistan. Pakistan is facing the "failure" of Pakistan That leader also complained that the leader.
Imran said in a tweet, "Pakistan has taken part in two battles for the United States in Afghanistan, About 70 thousand Pakistani people have been killed in the fight against terrorism in that country. About 100 billion US dollars have been damaged. And America will not fight for America. "In fact, on this day, President Donald Trumpk has called on Pakistan on the issue of terrorism. Terrorism If the government is still alive, then the government will not be silent. It's time to take action. Donald Trump bumped Pakistan in this language. US President applauded India's position on the issue of terrorism. In the words of the trump, India's role in reconstruction of Afghanistan is commendable.

আফগানিস্তানে সোভিয়েতের বিরুদ্ধে ‘বন্ধু’ পাকিস্তানকে নিয়ে লড়াই করেছিল আমেরিকা। সেই আফগানিস্তান নিয়েই এবার চিড় ধরেছে ওয়াশিংটন-ইসলামাবাদ সম্পর্কে।  বিস্তারিত

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