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Pakistan's first law minister was a Bengali Hindu

One meeting after another. Asked for Pakistan Before the Partition, Jogendranath Mandal would say, "Namashudra thinks Muslims more than upper-caste Hindus." The Jesuits of Namasudrada took the stand for Partition by signing a contract with the Yogendranath Muslim League. Get reward Mohammed Ali Jinnah gave him the responsibility of the Ministry of Law and Labor. A Bengali Hindu became a member of Pakistan's first cabinet in an exceptional decision. Maybe in action Maybe or unlimited loyalty

A line that makes the subcontinent absolutely unfriendly. Barbed wire The world of 47 saw painful faces. The reality of Partition The cabinet of the divided Pakistan on the basis of religion was supposed to have only Muslim face. It did not. Mohammed Ali Jinnah was brought to the front row by Tordhod organizer Yogendranath Mandal. In fact, he is a Muslim League, he is a safe country for Pakistan's Namasudrad. Work is done.

After the failure of the Simla conference, then Governor General Lord Wavell, appointed in India, announced on 29th August 1945, the general elections for Central and Provincial Legislative Council. Jinnah called for a peaceful raid to the demand of independent Pakistan for ten million Indian Muslims.

1946 election. Yogendranath Mandal introduced organizational position. The Muslim League got 113 seats out of 119 in Bengal. April 2nd, Hussein Saeed Suhrawardy was elected the unanimous leader of the Muslim League Parliamentary Party of Bengal Legislative Assembly. On 22 April, the Bengal government took charge of the Prime Minister. Yogendranath Mandal had a major contribution in this election.

Since 1946 July 17th 71 years ago Another history was composed in undivided Bengal. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, elected from his own constituency, not from Maharashtra, was elected from the Indian Parliament. Then the country will be free to run. Sajo Sajo Rob around The decision is that the candidates of the country's elected legislators will go to the Constituent Assembly and will compose the constitution of the country.

On the instructions of the National Congress, the road to Dr. Ambedkar was stopped from Bombay then. Yogendranath Mondal, the leader of the Bengal Legislative Party (Dalit) 'Untouchable', extended support to the people during difficult times.

Most Dalit legislators of Bengal were Congress supported. Yogendra Babu worked day and night. Apart from myself, there were more four votes to be cast. He was born and told. The court regularly Dr. Ambedkar was elected to the maximum of six votes in his attempt. He already had work experience with Ambedkar. Ambedkar was the Co-Worker of Scheduled Castes Federation.

The question arises, on one side, the importance of Dalit's own ethnicity was not accepted by the Muslim League organizer, he was asking for Pakistan, and Ambedkar was elected from Bengal on the other. The voice became clear that he should clear the interest of Namdhudra, or whether Muslim?

After Jinnah's death in 1948, however, he was fascinated by Pakistan. After the Pakistan Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan planned to make Pakistan a Muslim state, he could understand the real truth. And then came back to India's soil. Stand out from Basirhat. But the people of Emma did not draw near to him. Lose the vote. He was then a "Pakistani agent" to the established political parties in India. No more.

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