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Terrorism and corruption is the main resort of Trinamool Congress Claimed BJP leader joy

The list of those police who are providing political terrorism is being kept in the list. Terrorism and corruption are the main proponents of the Trinamool Congress. Who is more corruption and terrorism, their competition is going on. On Tuesday, Jamalpur police station attacked this protest rally. There were many others, including BJP leader Sayantan Basu, Joy Banerjee.
Joy said that the ruling party is losing public support day by day. Now the BJP has begun to breathe in the neck of the Trinamool Congress. So they have so much terrorism. Thus, BJP leader Jay Banerjee attacked the Trinamool Congress. In a meeting at Jamalpur in Bardhaman on Tuesday afternoon, he said that Trinamool has to spend millions of rupees to make banners, festoons. There is a need to bring people to the place to fill the meeting place from different districts. They are afraid of losing jobs. It is feared that the widow can not be found. They did CPM before 2011. And today, the grassroots are walking on the same path. A few days ago, the CPI (M), the Congress, was cleared by the municipal vote. Today, Trinamool is number one and two major parties in the BJP state. In the words of Joy Banerjee, many grassroots leaders now say that the second party is very different from the second party. And why not. The ruling party voted with terror force. 75 percent of the violence in terrorism. We see shoppers mixing milk with milk. And grassroots Congress is mixing milk in the water. "Further, it is clear today in the state that terrorism and corruption are the main adoption of Trinamool Congress. Who is more corruption and terrorism, their competition is going on. Today, while standing beside the flood-stricken people, the Trinamool Congress attacked BJP workers.

Joy Banerjee said in the chief minister, "During the election, sister helplessly wandered through the helicopter. And today his helicopter is not going to visit the flooded area. When the flood is blowing all over, he enjoys the  Jay ceremony of the police. TMC leaders are making fun of the festival. Today the mother is crying, the soil and the people are drowning. Today they are busy serving themselves. People have realized that the time has come for the BJP to come today. The list of those who are providing protection to terrorism is being kept in the list. In the words of Joy Banerjee, "Challenge Mamata Bandyopadhyay, if you have the courage, do not choose terrorism in the Panchayat polls. It can be seen that the Trinamool's keyness and the BJP's grief. "

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