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The West Bengal government is coming out with 'Bipatariani BlueTooth' to save the honor of girls


Whenever you are in danger, the button will just press. Only then will the police, administration be alerted. As well as the girl's house. West Bengal
Keeping in mind the security of women, the West Bengal government is coming up with a 'Baptariani BlueTooth'. This device is being jointly organized by State Transport Department and Kolkata Police. This is the first in India.

The settlement arrangements to send the police to the police via mobile if there is danger in road accidents are already stored. But if you are in danger, you do not have the opportunity to click on the corresponding app or take advantage of the chances of head cooling. The new device will solve this problem, which is not bigger than a button in the form. The Blue tooth Low Energy Button (short, BLE) will be kept in the body anywhere. If you understand it, you can reach Salsa by touching only hands, Lalbazar Controller or home. Through GPS, the police will know the situation at the moment. Can be reached there.

In order to ensure the safety of the people of the common people, the West Bengal government is coming up with an app --- 'Road Safety', and the part of this is the BL button. The app will be linked to the downloaded app on the mobile. Initially, download the app on the smart phone. There you must register your own ID. With his own name, the phone number of three relatives and friends. Once downloaded, there are three options, incidents, accidents, women's persecution (Incident, Accident, Violence Against Women). This way will be built in the context. If there is an accident or crime in the street, the app's accident or click on the incidents will send the message to the police. Messages will also reach the three documented relatives. And victims of sedition can send dangerous signal to police and households through the 'Violence Against Women' option.

But if the mobile is not able to open the app and click to the right place? The small button associated with the app can be left in the collar or pocket of the shirt easily. In the danger zone, it will continue to touch the hand. If there is any unpleasant incident, once you have to press. If the accident occurs, the button will be pressed twice. Understanding the fear of respect, hold down the number three option. The police will be alerted immediately. Sources, the innovative services will be introduced in the coming months, the traffic department has already introduced the Petshisha App, those companies are coming up with new technologies. BLE buttons are made of them. It must be bought from the outside. Idea Technology Solutions, the company's claim, is trying to keep the price of the book at RS 500-600. There are a few BLE buttons from USA  and the results are satisfactory.

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