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US support to India on Doca La issue


India's usage in Doca la debate is very different, while on the other hand, China is doing childish behavior by showing her 'flimsy' attitude. It seems like the top defense expert in the United States. For the last 50 days, India and China have been in turmoil with the Dokka La Sikkim border. The People's Liberation Army of China has begun to build roads in Dokka La border, claiming that the Indian army is facing obstacles.Doca La praised the use of India in the problem, the US Naval War College's strategist of the strategy. Professor James H. Homes said, "Delhi is still moving forward in the right direction. India does not have anything to say against any dispute or to have a harsh objection to Beijing. India's use is truly commendable. 'He also said,' It is very strange that China has engaged in border dispute with its most vulnerable neighboring country. If China wants to follow a final tactic, find out its solution in cold brain without using childlike. 'Homes said that the United States has been silent about the Doca la controversy. He further said, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi may not want the United States to join the Himalayan debate anyway. But if the debate gets further, then Washington will certainly come forward to support Delhi.

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