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After the death of Trinamool MP Sultan Ahmed, the mystery of politics and murder!

Without naming the death of Sultan Ahmed, the TMC leaders attacked the BJP and the CBI directly. On Monday, he died of cardiac arrest. Then the condolences came from different quarters. In the meantime, while attacking him, Subrata Boxy and Partha Chattopadhyay attacked the BJP and the central government without naming them.

 Many TMC leaders went to pay homage to him. It is seen that Tiger Mirza was also accused in Naradaqat. Subrata Buxi, the All India General Secretary of Trinamool Congress, said, "He was going to isolate in the manner in which the central government repeatedly tortured Saradha-Narsa and tortured him physically. The political party in power in the central government has been mentally torturing him for seven-eight months by associating some media without being politically handicapped. As a result, he was separated from his family. A politician takes 40 years to build his career. But the central government mixed her political career in 40 seconds into the ground. He was mentally disturbed by the name of an investigation for a long time. A major loss to his left-wing Trinamool. "
Congress MP Adhir Chowdhury said that today, In 1996 present Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee wanted to hang for Sultan Ahmed anti politics.

And BJP MLA Dilip Ghosh said, "The post mortem of Sultan Ahmed's body should be. He was killed by plotting. To tear Narda. If you have courage, postmortem before buried. "This comment was made by BJP President Dilip Ghosh from a party meeting in Bauria in Howrah today.

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