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After Ram Rahim, Baba Ramdev Exposed! His Biography Disclosed 3 Murder Mysteries Surrounding Him

First, it was Asaram Bapu, who was found guilty in a rape case, and now it’s Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh who has been sent behind bars for playing with the dignity of his female followers. Over the years, many Indian ‘babas’ have made headlines, not because of spirituality and well-being they profess but because of sexual abuse and criminal acts they did.
Baba Ramdev, who brought a storm of Yoga in our country and taught people the value of a healthy lifestyle, is in the for three murder mysteries surrounding him. The yoga guru holds an influential political opinion and is indeed a minded businessman.
Recently, a journalist Priyanka Pathak-Narain penned a biography on the nominal godman and business tycoon, Baba Ramdev. Her book titled, “Godman to Tycoon: The Untold Story of Baba Ramdev” covers almost entire orbit of Ramdev’s life.
From yoga guru to television star to business tycoon, his biography has everything that is still far away from anyone’s knowledge. The book also covers three murder mysteries surrounding Baba Ramdev. Let’s have a look!

1. Guru Shankardev (Ramdev’s Guru) who is missing since 2007

Ramdev’s guru Swami Shankar Dev mysteriously went missing in July 2007. According to a Dainik Bhaskar report, in 2012, a man named Rakesh accused Ramdev of killing his guru. The man alleged that Ramdev chopped him off and immersed his remains in river Ganga.
However, Ramdev was on a trip to Britain when Shankar Dev disappeared and returned to India two months later his disappearance. What makes this case interesting is fact that Ramdev did not end the trip even after knowing the mysterious disappearance of his Guru Shankardev.

2. Murder of Vaidya Swami Yogananda of Ayurveda

Everyone was shocked when, in 2004, Acharya Yogananda’s body was found lying in his house. For almost 8 years, Baba Ramdev produced his medicine on the license of Yogananda. Their partnership ended in 2003, a year before Yogananda’s death, which led to suspicion on Ramdev.

3. Death of Rajiv Dixit

The idea of Swadeshi, which Baba Ramdev proposed to the nation, was actually prepared by Rajiv Dixit who had also formed a political party in association with Baba Ramdev. In 2010, Rajiv was found dead in his bathroom. The reason behind his death was said to be a heart attack but followers of him had asked for investigation which never happened.

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