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Burhan Sheikh, the head of the Khagragarh explosion, was arrested

Burhan Sheikh, the main head of Khagragarh explosion bombing was arrested. The Special Investigation Team of the Kolkata Police arrested him from Muchipara Thana area of ​​Sealdah on Thursday. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) identified this Burhan Sheikh as head of the investigation. It is known that this Bahurang was behind the backdrop of a full militant network in Mangalkot in Bardhaman.

It is known that he opened madrasa in Shimulia. Besides training the militants there, women were also given jihad in the name of religion education. Even if they were given training in arms training. He also links this Madrasa with JMB militants of Bangladesh. The militant model that was created in Khagragad, was the main idea behind this militant. The opening of another madrasa opened up the network was the table. But before the explosion it was foiled. Under investigation, the NIA found this great cycle. The cost of this militant was fixed at three lakh rupees. After a long time, it was possible to arrest him with the help of the police in Kolkata.

On October 2, 2014, a huge explosion took place at Khagragarh in Burdwan. Originally, beta eruption is estimated. But the earthquakes came out in the canyon. It is known that under the leadership of the great militant network was created in front of the madrasa. The original panda was the Burhan Sheikh. Investigators confiscated a lot of explosive documents from his madrasa in Shimulia of Mangalkot. After the explosion, Burhan Sheikh laid a hand on Bangladesh. Although the investigators did not leave behind It was speculated that he could come to Kolkata from Bangladesh. The makers of the 
Kolkata Police were ready to do so Detectives escorted him from Mialipara in Sealdah on Thursday. Burhan is being questioned and the militant network is likely to meet more militia.

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