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Challenging the police suicidal boy

A 10-year-old school teacher at Shimla committed suicide around his suicide. In the suicide note, the boy has thrown the police to the edge of his death. Early police estimates were seen in the suicidal genre, probably due to the death of Blue Star, the study of Simla Gurukul Public School.
The family could see the boy hanging on Tuesday, family members The doctors declared him dead while taking him to a local hospital. Police have recovered a suicide note written in the school book from the spot. Suicide note wrote a suicidal boy, 'Solve the puzzle.' He also wrote, 'Cutting the vein of the hand is not a peace. I'll punish myself with a rope. "Police estimates in the preliminary investigation, the boy who suicides in the online game Blue-White game has been suicidal. However, the investigators are not sure about this. A local police official said that the boy did not have internet connection at the mobile phone or home. But a carpenter was working in the woodwork for the last few days. The boy who played games on his phone. Assistant Sub Inspector Chetan Rama went to the house of suicidal boy on Wednesday in the investigation of the incident.
A camp was organized to make the students aware about Blue Whale games at Gurukul Public School, which was a day before the incident of suicide school. Managing director of the school, Gyan Singh, said that the boy did not tell the boy to play games on mobile. In reality, every leg of the hand and wrists in the camp is also being examined, he said.

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