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Crores of venomous snakes of 100 billion rupees were found to be poisoned

On the way to China, poisonous snake poisoning of 100 billion rupees was detected. West Bengal's Forest department, CID and SSB jointly undertook this poison and found it worth a lot of value. Three traffickers were arrested during poison trafficking. A four-wheeled car was confiscated.
According to sources in the West Bengal Forest department, sources said that the poison  hundred crores worth of money through Bangladesh to be known by Kolkata, detectives. For the last three dayes the SSB, CID and the officers of the Forests from Bongaon and Basirhat to Madhyamgram Sitting in smaller groups to sit on different points. Fourth of the clock on Monday afternoon. It is reported that three traffickers in a red four-wheel-drive vehicle are going to China to send snake venom to Dum Dum airport in three parts. The car came to Jessore Road and came to the rathtala. Recovering is a liquid, crystal, powder. Three traffickers were arrested from Tollygunj's Debijit Bose, Nayan Dey of Madhyamgram and arrested West Midnapore resident Buddhadev Khanra.

Tapan Sarkar, District Forest Officer, North-24 Parganas, said that by collecting and preparing this poison from Bangladesh, they crossed the border and handed them to traffickers in this country. It was initially informed that the poison was to be released from Dumdum airport at China Air. Market value of the venom of snake recovered from smugglers is estimated at Tk 100 billion .The CID wants to trace the trafficking of the three smugglers into their remand.

CID and the sources of the sources, the cobbler recovered, used in the pharmaceutical formulations of the venom of the snake. The existence of this cobra snake is found in the depths of the Sundarbans of Bangladesh. The world's largest venomous snake, Cobra, lives in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh. Local language is known as Sankhchura. Cobra can be up to 5.6 meters (18.5 feet) long. In addition to the Sundarbans of Bangladesh, it is seen mainly in the whole South Asian region, where the cobra is seen.
Cobra snake venom is used as a modern treatment antiviral or poison inhibitor. This is a type of protein that acts as an antigen in the blood.
When an animal bites a snake, the blood antibodies try to prevent resistance, but if the poison is strong and more than enough, all the resistance breaks, and therefore additional antibodies are given out to prevent excessive cobbles, which are made more than the venom of snake venom.

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