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Dr Kafeel Khan, who was absconding, has been finally arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force

The doctor who was named as an accused in the FIR has been finally arrested in the outskirt of the Gorakhpur city. From several days, few of the accused were on the run and few are believed to have fled to Nepal as it is very close to Gorakhpur. Kafeel Khan was an accused in the death of 30 children on August 10 and 11.
The principal of the college Rajiv Mishra and his wife Purnima Shukla were arrested earlier by the police. The people who are not yet arrested include director of Pushpa Sales Pvt Ltd, which was responsible for the supply of oxygen cylinders.
After intense investigation, it was decided that Kafeel and few others were responsible for the death of dozens of children. But Kafeel Khan had tried to project him as a saviour by promoting paid stories in the mainstream media, so even a case is being charged for this.
He was hailed as a hero for providing oxygen cylinders for the children but later it was found that he was responsible for the shortage of the oxygen cylinders as he was a member of the purchasing committee. Reports also surfaced that he was negotiating for commissions before sanctioning of funds to the supplying company.
He is also charged for practising in his private hospital which is totally illegal. He had been accused of shifting the oxygen cylinder to his private hospital too. Soon after this tragedy, non bailable warrant was issued against Kafeel Khan and six others.
This tragedy gained nationwide attention as it was a BJP ruled state. But when we probe deeply, we will come to know that Gorakhpur has a history of death of 25,000 kids due to encephalitis. So this indicates that the previous governments didn’t formulate a long term strategy to curb the impact of this deadly disease which usually affects small kids.
Now that the issue has gained nation-wide attention, it is interesting to see whether the government will take a long term initiative to get rid of this dangerous disease.

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