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In the eighteenth century, the mother of Durga was not spared from attack

The Durga Puja of the Raichaudhari house of four hundred years old Raychowdhury house has been bearing such history. In the same time, the Bengalis of Burdwan are also subjected to plunder. During this time, Durgapur of West Burdwan, Sarpi, Kendua, Chhath Bundi, Jhonjhara, Bamboonbo, Hetadoba, Ichapur mouza, in the name of Shejgarh Pargana Arjun Singh was the zamindar rayacaudharitini mother Parganas region chilaei seragara karatenakathita forces have worshiped Durga at the time came to send bargira seragara Parganas landed property looted. When the people entered the village, they entered the village with a lion's head, Durga tied on the street. The area did not recognize the Mother Durga, and the mother Durga cut her right hand with a sword. The Durga then took the image of the idol and made the monks uninterrupted forever. Then the villagers After seeing the crowd, the squares are unconscious. The lion's sister Durga The right hand is cut off. The zamindars and the villagers can know the whole incident from them to return the knowledge of the class. The spread of this thrilling incident spreads in the village village. The villagers also know the real facts and never got attacked in the area. The land of Arjuna Roy Choudhury Male ArunRoychowdhury and DharmadasRaychowdhury said, there are 8 durgas in the village now. In it Raychowdhury zamindar house had only one durgapuja. Then the lion's sister Durga stone idol was worshiped. Suddenly, one day the class tried to attack the zamindar house. The square cut off the right hand of the mother when she tied the Durga square. After that, the lion's sister was kept in a handful of feathers and placed in front of the statue of her mother. This statue is worshiped only on the day of greatness. In another temple, Mother Durga Puja is worshiped four days according to the rules The house of the house was established in Durgamandir. On this four days, the house of the Durga Puja was divided into ten and six parts of the zamindar for 16 hours, divorced his first wife's five sons and the third wife's wife between the two sons. The two Puja Mandapi I used to say hundreds and hundreds of words. The tradition of the Kumbha ritual is to be raised ten years ago. It is now called Pantabali. Later on the great ninth day, Kangali would have been eaten. Here were the dishes of coconut, sugarcane molasses, which was closed gechebartamane Cursed tarakariekhana Ramanavami these two, nine, and in compliance with all the rules religiously worshiped in the temple hayaduti Lionseated Durga is worshiped daily.

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