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US spending money helped by TMC to remove Bangladesh & Tripura government


Indian detectives have demanded to get information on US spending money to remove Sheikh Hasina government in Bangladesh.
In addition, intelligence agencies of Tripura have been trying to weaken the American government.
A representative of bdnews24.com, an Indian intelligence report on the activities of the US, has seen the involvement of ruling Trinamool Congress in West Bengal in this plan.

The Trinamool Congress, led by Mamta Banerjee, has been receiving huge amount from the United States to defeat the Left Front government in West Bengal.
India's intelligence officials are claiming that this grassroots Congress has now given millions of dollars to their fundamentalist groups in Bangladesh.
It has been said in the report that the MP from the Trinamool MP Ahmed Hassan Imran and Maoist Asif Khan, who left the country from Teknaf, sent huge amounts to Khaleda Zia-led BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami for the last six months.
A senior Indian intelligence official told bdnews24.com, "The main plan is to create bigger chaos in Bangladesh by killing the top leadership of Awami League and their workers and dissatisfaction with the people."
BNP and Jamaat leaders are threatening the movement to demand a new election in Bangladesh. And America's attitude is also in favor of the new election.
The intelligence officials claimed that the Pakistani intelligence agencies are also involved with this operation.
Detectives say Trinamool MP Munmun Sena is keeping close contact with Tehran-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan of Pakistan.
There was a lot of talk about his relationship with Suktakanya Munmun while Imran was a cricketer. Eminent politician Imran is currently in the movement to oust Nawaz Sharif's government in his country.Recently, arrangements were made to visit the Pakistani High Commission in Calcutta using the close contact of Imran-Munmun.
After the meeting of Pakistan High Commissioner to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta, a group of Kolkata journalists were also arranged to visit Pakistan.
At that time, the Pakistani High Commissioner proposed to open a Deputy High Commission in Calcutta to make the Muslims of West Bengal easy to obtain the Pakistani visa, Mamata proposed to Mamata. Indian intelligence officials, however, deny that demand.
Detectives believe that Mamata has increased the intimacy with Pakistani diplomats in order to ensure the Urdu-speakers of Calcutta vote.
The voting of Muslim voters in West Bengal was always getting Congress and CPM Despite the triumph of Trinamool in this year's parliamentary elections, there was no exception in Muslim voting.
Urdu-speaking Muslims of Calcutta always support fundamentalists. Their active participation in various meetings and gatherings against the trial of war crimes in Bangladesh was also seen.
A source said that the Indian editor of a newspaper, who himself is Urdu-speaking, is now in Dhaka to build relations with the BNP.
The editor said that the Indian government has joined the BJP some days ago.
A businessman who has been accused of working for the intelligence and analysis wing of India's intelligence agency, which is currently helping the editor in connection with the BNP with the ruling BJP in India.
However, senior BJP leaders have been unhappy with the initiative of the party's editor. They say that he is making a lobby of BNP in his own party.
A top BJP leader from West Bengal told bdnews24.com: "Prime Minister Narendra Modi is eager to work with the present government of Bangladesh, but it looks like this Muslim editor-BNP-BJP took the task of building a strong relationship."
The intelligence report about Ahmed Hassan Imran, a member of the Rajya Sabha in Mamta's nomination, said that he was the leader of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMA).
In addition to having relations with the Muslim terrorist groups in the report, there is also a description of how MP Imran sent money on the border.
Imran also worked as a representative of the daily Naya Diganta, which is known as Jamaat-e-Ghuln.
It has also claimed that Imran has close links with Jamaat leader Motiur Rahman Nizami, convicted Delwar Hossain Sayedee and Mir Qasim Ali, who were accused of war crimes during the 1971 war.
Indian detectives say that Pakistan is also trying its best to defeat war criminals in Bangladesh, along with powerful Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia.
It has been said in the report that the United States is supporting BNP-Jamaat by promising permission to set up a naval base on Saint Martin Island when it is in power.
India's intelligence officials have learned that the US officials have also met with Tarek Rahman, the son of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia, currently in London.
The United States wants to establish this naval base to build China's port infrastructure in Kaiyukpu in Myanmar's Rakhine-dominated area and to keep an eye on the proposed Sonadia port of Bangladesh.
The Intelligence Report also said that the United States wants to weaken the left-wing government headed by Tripura's Manipur government, which is now Bangladesh after West Bengal. Even if it is possible, the country's interest in the current government is not excluded from the plans to overthrow the state government.

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