Bronny James: Unlikely Draft Destinations After USC

By: Deepak Panwar

Bronny's Collegiate Struggles

Difficult start at USC, averaging 5.2 points, 2.2 rebounds, and 1.2 assists in nine games.

2024 NBA Draft Consideration

Speculation around Bronny entering the 2024 NBA Draft.

LeBron's Openness to Join Teams

LeBron James expresses willingness to join any team that drafts his son.

Unlikely Teams for Bronny: Charlotte Hornets (#5)

Hornets, in a lottery position, may prioritize an instant impact player.

Portland Trail Blazers (#4)

Trail Blazers in rebuilding mode, already equipped with young guards.

Washington Wizards (#3)

Struggling Wizards likely to seek immediate contributors in the draft.

San Antonio Spurs (#2)

Spurs, in the Victor Wembanyama era, might consider Bronny's late draft, especially if LeBron joins.

Detroit Pistons (#1)

Pistons, with the worst record, expected to prioritize the best available talent.

Consideration of LeBron's Influence

Speculation on LeBron James potentially influencing team decisions.

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