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Deepak Panwar

Accomplished journalist and the founder of “Hindu Live.” With a wealth of experience, his contributions to journalism are marked by a commitment to fair and balanced reporting. He possesses a deep understanding of the news industry, showcasing his dedication to keeping the public well-informed on a variety of topics.

 Bhupendra Singh Panwar

Bhupendra is Uttarakhand-based writer and the Editor-in-Chief of a prominent publication. His writing is deeply rooted in the culture and landscapes of Uttarakhand, reflecting a strong connection to the region. As an Editor-in-Chief, he brings extensive editorial expertise to the world of literature, journalism, or any publications he leads.

Poonam Bisht

A seasoned journalist with a background in mass communication. With her expertise, she shines a spotlight on pressing social issues and crime through her reporting. Her commitment to investigative journalism and her academic foundation equips her with the skills to delve deep into these critical subjects, bringing essential stories to the public.

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