Correction Policy

At Hindu Live, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable news to our readers. However, in the event that an error occurs, we are dedicated to promptly correcting it. Our correction policy outlines our commitment to transparency and accountability.

1. Corrections Process

a. Internal Monitoring
– Our editorial team is responsible for fact-checking and ensuring the accuracy of all published content.
– We have an ongoing process of internal monitoring to identify and address any potential errors.

b. Reader Feedback
– We encourage our readers to bring any inaccuracies or errors to our attention.
– Please email [] with the subject line “Correction Request” and provide details regarding the error, including the article’s title, publication date, and a brief description of the issue.

2. Correction Types

a. Minor Errors
– For minor errors that do not impact the overall context or substance of the article, we will make the necessary corrections without issuing a formal correction notice.

b. Substantive Errors
– In cases where a substantive error is identified that affects the accuracy or meaning of the article, we will promptly correct the content and issue a correction notice.

3. Correction Notice

a. Placement
– Correction notices will be prominently placed at the beginning or end of the article, indicating the nature of the correction.

b. Transparency
– The correction notice will clearly state what information was incorrect and provide the accurate information.

4. Timeliness

a. Swift Corrections
– Corrections will be made as soon as an error is identified, and the correction notice will be published without undue delay.

5. Editorial Review

a. Prevention Measures:
– We will continuously review and improve our editorial processes to prevent errors from occurring in the future.

6. Apology

a. Significant Errors
– In cases where a significant error has occurred, we will issue a sincere apology to our readers and stakeholders.

This correction policy is subject to periodic review to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with our commitment to accuracy and transparency.

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