Bharat Club Guide: A Portal to Gaming and Earnings

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In the digital era, earning real money through online gaming has become a reality for many. Bharat Club is one such platform that has captured the interest of numerous Indians with its engaging and rewarding color prediction games. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started and the top games you can enjoy on this vibrant platform.

Step-by-Step Registration Process

Getting started with Bharat Club is simple and straightforward. Follow these five steps:

Navigate to the Official Site: Open your web browser and go to Bharat Club, the first step towards your gaming adventure.

Initiate Registration: Spot and click the “Register” button on the homepage. It’s designed to be noticeable, guiding you smoothly into the registration process.

Provide Your Details: You will be asked to enter a mobile number and create a secure password. It’s important that the mobile number is currently in use as it will receive an OTP (One Time Password) for verification.

Verify with OTP: Check your mobile for the OTP sent and enter it on the website to verify your account. This adds a layer of security and ensures your access is protected.

Complete Your Profile: With verification out of the way, log in with your new credentials, fill out any additional personal details required, and you’re ready to explore the games available on Bharat Club.

Top 4 Games on Bharat Club

Among a plethora of options, here are the four best games that promise both enjoyment and opportunities to earn:

Color Prediction: A game of intuition and chance, where you predict the color outcome. Simple yet intriguing, it’s a favorite among players.

Lucky 7: Engage in the excitement of numbers, banking on your luck to pick the winning digits. It’s straightforward and thrilling for all who play.

Cricket Prediction: For cricket enthusiasts, this game allows you to predict match outcomes. It combines the joy of the sport with the chance to win big.

Soccer Prediction: Similar to Cricket Prediction but for football fans. Predict soccer match results and earn rewards based on your soccer insight.


Bharat Club offers an accessible platform for those looking to enjoy a gamified experience with the added benefit of real monetary gains. With a user-friendly registration process and a variety of games catering to different interests, it’s a digital haven for gaming enthusiasts. Whether you’re into sports, numbers, or colors, Bharat Club has something exciting for you. Start your gaming journey today, and test your luck and s

kills against others!


This article was written by the Hindu Live editorial team.