Editorial Policy

Hindu Live Editorial Policy

Mission and Ethical Standards

Hindu Live is a public-spirited digital media platform committed to providing news and editorials on issues deemed significant for society. Our mission aligns with ethical principles outlined in our Code of Ethics, emphasizing truth, balanced perspectives, support for vulnerable communities, and inspiring positive change through storytelling.

Public Purpose and Editorial Mission

Our Editorial Mission includes:
1. Educating the audience by presenting the truth to the best of our ability.
2. Facilitating a healthy, fair, balanced, and meaningful exchange of diverse ideas.
3. Spearheading or supporting initiatives to raise voices and bring about tangible differences, particularly for vulnerable and needy populations.
4. Being a catalyst for positive change driven by knowledge and integrity.
5. Presenting and highlighting stories of individuals worldwide, particularly in India, who drive change through selfless deeds, inspiring others to be part of the change.

Accuracy, Updating, and Error Correction

Refer to Our Corrections Policy for details on maintaining accuracy, updating content, and correcting errors.

Conflict of Interest

To prevent potential influence on decisions or activities:
– Employees must manage personal finances and professional engagements in line with Hindu Live’s Code of Conduct.
– Employees should not participate in creating advertorial content.
– Acceptance of paid trips or gifts (excluding souvenirs of nominal value) influencing reportage is prohibited, except for travel reviews disclosed on the same page as the reportage.
– Travel costs and/or speaking fees for events may be accepted if no conflict of interest arises, with disclosure on the same page as the reportage.

Distinguishing Content

Content is categorized into news-oriented (reportage) and views-oriented (editorial or “Op-Eds”), both independent but providing a comprehensive reader experience. Hindu Live may use hashtags or labels to distinguish between news and views.

Content Standards – Obscenities and Profanities

Hindu Live refrains from using obscenities and profanities, except where essential for conveying a story’s significance. Any such usage requires prior approval from executive or managing editors. If potentially offensive material has legitimate news value, warnings, either visual or textual, will be provided to users.

Hindu Live is committed to upholding these standards, fostering transparency, and delivering content that aligns with our mission and ethical principles.